Sunday, September 3, 2017

Monogram Initial Necklaces

heart monogram initial necklace

A monogram necklace can be described to be a personalized necklace that has initials engraved on its pendant and is made of precious metals that are shaped into letters which form the monograms. It can also be in the form of plate type pendants or laser engraved necklaces. Monogram necklaces come in various styles and qualities of which they are made from different types of materials like gold, platinum, copper, nickel, etc.

A monogram is said to be a motif from a combination of two letters or more which are usually from a person, group or organization's initials. Monograms have been used for centuries in personalizing things to show some sort of connection to a country, city or religion.

initial engraved monogram necklace

They are very good to present as gifts and can be worn for almost any occasion, be it formal or casual. The necklaces and pendants could be subtle or flashy, making them very versatile with ladies selecting to wear them to work, a party, the club or just a street wear. One important thing to note is that it is pertinent to choose the correct style when presenting it as a gift and making sure it has the correct engraving, design and most suitable metal that the person wearing it likes.

Compared to the name necklaces, monogram necklaces are more versatile because the name necklace features just one initial while the monogram necklace features 2-3 initials. Couples who would want to display their affection would go for monogram necklaces that have initials belonging to both of them.

monogram disc necklace with initial engraved
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There is a wide range of sizes and lengths for monogram necklaces, which could be the short ones that hang below the neck to the long ones that hang under the chest. Since it is fashionable, it can add elegance and style to almost any outfit with the letters coming in different sizes and styles. Also, design elements such as engraving, calligraphy, precious gems, flowers, etc. can be added while the letter can be engraved around a band that is supposed to hang on a pendant disc or plate.

Precious metals like gold, white gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and more can be used to make fine jewelry which includes precious gemstones like sapphire, diamond, ruby, emerald, etc. The designer can also be another criterion of fine jewelry like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace or Guess.

Monogrammed Initial Disc Necklace

There are various methods to make personalized monogram jewelry such as laser cutting, molding and more using cutting tools like diamond-tipped cutters and saws. Different metals used and different engraving styles yield diverse results. For example, a molded monogram necklace might be smooth and round but not necessarily precise. On the other hand, a cut steel personalized necklace is very precise and has sharp edges. People have different tastes for styles and how the necklaces are cut. When choosing a personalized necklace as a gift, the preferences of the recipient needs to be taken note of.

Monogram necklaces can serve as a good gift to almost anyone at any age and mainly engaged or married couples. Children are also not left out, too. There are several options to pick from depending on the materials, sizes, styles, and length. You can easily get them online from various online stores.